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Engineer the Future 2017

Cost: Free with Admission
Date: Feb 23, 2017 Daily until Feb 25, 2017

A celebration of National Engineers Week!

Pittsburgh has long been at the core of engineering innovation with iconic bridges, environmentally friendly construction, and modern building design. Engineer the Future, held in observance of National Engineers Week, celebrates the science of engineering and the region's achievements and advances in architecture, building, and construction. This event features presentations, hands-on activities, and science demonstrations that are designed to inspire young people to explore engineering.

Activities include opportunities to:

  • Make superballs with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.
  • Design a zipline that will carry a ping-pong ball from the top of a zipline string to the bottom in four seconds or less.
  • Team up with the US Army Corps of Engineers to build a clay boat capable of carrying as much weight as possible, then put it to the test by floating it in a bowl of water and filling it with pennies.
  • Explore how water moves through materials such as gravel, sand, and clay through demonstrations with Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. Which material will slow the water the most?
  • Discover how UV light works with hands-on activities from Carnegie Mellon University's Department of Chemical Engineering.
  • Watch a 3D Printer at work with Fab Lab Carnegie Science Center.
  • Check out the fascinating science of robots with the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Team.
  • Explore the science of natural gas discovery and extraction with EQT.
  • Operate a circuit board display to explore electrical engineering with Hatch.
  • Check out HDR's "The Crusher," a working display that demonstrates the use and importance of piers on a multi-span bridge. The model demonstrates the amount of deflection of a "bridge deck" with piers vs. without piers.
  • For a few dollars more, journey around the world to experience amazing feats of engineering in Dream Big at Rangos Omnimax Theater.

Event times:

Thursday, Feb. 23, 10 am – 3 pm
Friday, Feb. 24, 10 am – 3 pm
Saturday, Feb. 25, 10 am – 3 pm  

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